Enjoy total trust in the resilience of Yale’s Maximum-Security Padlocks

With EU customers prioritizing brand, ease of use and product range in their security needs, we’re a clear market leader in home security and a company that seeks to constantly improve and upgrade our range of products. With this in mind, we have recently launched our new range of Standard, High and Maximum-Security Padlocks!

Having developed our first patent for padlocks in 1857, it was important for us to maintain the high quality of products that Yale has been known so well for over the years. Across the EU, the top uses for padlocks by consumers are on sheds, lockers, gates, bikes and even travel cases. To meet these needs of our consumers and beyond, we’ve launched a diverse line of padlocks that features our exclusive Yale design, meets the EN12320:2012 standard for added security and was manufactured using the best in class materials.

Since our consumers value high quality, attack resistant and easy to use security products, our Yale Maximum-Security padlock range has been built with rigorous testing and an exclusive robust design to meet your most enhanced security needs in mind. You can have peace of mind whether securing your boat after a day on the water, locking a trailer before a long journey or keeping your business safe at the end of the working day, as our Maximum-Security range can protect your belongings in tougher weather conditions and provide higher levels of security.

With boron shackles to prevent cutting and double locking for added security, our maximum-security padlock range is ideal for extreme outdoor use. The range has even been tested against more extreme forms of attack such as drilling and sawing of the lock body, as well as being tested up to 240 hours for corrosion resistance. Some padlocks bear even protective covers on the body for better protection against adverse weather conditions along with a range of different sizes to suit your every security need!

It has never been easier for our consumers to select the right padlock for their personalized needs, as our security packaging information will allow consumers to understand and choose the correct security level and dimensions for maximum security. With our environment in mind, we have been working with more sustainable materials and reduced the size of our packaging to lower our environmental footprint by 10%, enabling us to improve the sustainability of the Yale Padlock packaging range too.