Yale hosts European media at the Linus® Virtual Press Event


The virtual events brought together leading media to showcase our smartest and most beautiful lock ever!

Taking place (virtually!) across Europe and organised by Yale, the six press events unveiled our brand-new motorised Linus® smart lock to some of the top tech, design and lifestyle media. 

Opened by none other than the multi award-winning former Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decor, consultant, and TV presenter, Michelle Ogundehin she shared her philosophy on the power of the home, and first impressions of Linus. 

"The entrance to your home is a space of great subliminal power and the creation of a truly supportive environment starts the minute you cross your threshold"

“Fixed to the back of your door, it doesn't shout for attention, wanting to be on the front. It's sleek, elegant, and clever. This is the kind of smart that I love. To be able to feel that sense of comfort and joy, that you are home. Safe!" says Michelle.

At the events, Kate Clark delved into the key features of Linus® and all the possibilities it unlocks for consumers, while famous Swiss designer Yves Behar shared his inspiration when creating Linus. Phillips Hue joined to talk about the newest smart lighting integrations with Linus® and the events concluded with a lively Q&A session.

The highlight from our side was certainly speaking with media about our brand-new motorised Linus® smart lock and sharing some of the design thinking. The events were a huge success - among our attendees were the key tech, lifestyle and national journalists from outlets such as Femme Actuelle in France, SpidersWeb in Poland, Posta Newspaper in Turkey, Il Giornale in Italy, Rheinische Post in Germany and El Correo in Spain. It was great to see them get as excited as we are about the possibilities that Linus® can open up.