The Linus® Smart Lock wins 8 separate design awards for its outstanding, functional design and state-of-the-art technology


The Linus® Smart Lock has established itself as a must-have smart home solution for the modern and stylish home of today, having won a total of 8 awards in the world’s most prestigious and well-known design competitions.

Recognized for its sleek, intelligent design and best in class materials at the prestigious Red Dot Awards, European Product Design Awards, the Ambient Awards at CES Las Vegas, iF Design Awards and Plus X Awards, Linus® has won not 1, but 8 separate design awards, as well as a nomination in the UX Design Awards. It’s becoming difficult to keep count!

A major milestone has been winning the Red Dot Awards, which have been long established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality and top design. The Linus® Smart Lock competed against thousands of products across 49 different categories and secured 2 Product Design  awards in both the Security System and Smart Products Categories.

Likewise, Linus® stunned the jury of the iF Design Awards, a competition organized each year by the world’s oldest, independent design organization in Hannover. The iF Design Awards have been regarded as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design for the past 67 years. This year, the combination of sleek, innovative and functional design, and the most state-of-the-art-technology of the Linus® Smart Lock, were recognized in the Building Technology product design category.

Next came the success at the Plus X Awards, the world’s largest innovation awards for technology, sports and lifestyle! The Linus® Smart Lock impressed the judges, winning  four separate Seals of Approval in the following categories:  Innovation, High Quality, Design, and Functionality. To top it off, Linus® secured two special awards granted by the jury panel: Best Product of the Year Award and Best Brand of the Year Award in the Locking Systems category.

The award bells rang once again for The European Product Design Award, one of the most comprehensive product design competitions aiming to unite creativity and innovation. With 21 categories represented, Linus® has won an Award in the Home Interiors (Product/Windows/Doors) category.

Finally, the award season was wrapped up with a 2020 nomination in the UX Design Awards. Organized on behalf of the International Design Centre in Berlin, the UX Design Awards are a global competition aiming to highlight products that improve everyday lives. Selected as one of the top 55 entries in the Product Category, Linus® got through to the 2nd out of the 3 competition stages and was recognized for its modern, sleek design as well as overall functionality and ease of use.

Designed by famous Swiss product designer, Yves Behar, the Linus® Smart Lock was created with Yale’s design philosophy of only using the most premium materials in mind. Featuring a stunning brushed metal finish, and available in silver or black,  Linus® is the perfect entry point to the stylish and modern homes of today.

The smart lock not only offers consumers flexibility and convenience in their time-pressured lives, but also brings style and additional functionalities to something every house or apartment has - a front door!