For what period of time is the Yale alarm warranty valid for?

The warranty is covered by the retailer, normally for 2 years.

I think I have made a muddle of my alarm installation, can I start again?

Yes, wih the new App Yale Smart Living Home you can delete your owner account and start from the beginning.

Then, you have to make the reset procedeure to clear the system memory completely and reccomence your installation from scratch.

Resetting instructions can be downloaded from the Yale website.


I have a large household with many family members, young and old, entering and exiting the property at varying times of day. How can I overcome this?

It is recommended that several keyfobs are programmed in. The individual members of the household can carry their own keyfob around, allowing simple arming and disarming of the system as desired.

I appear to be getting false alarms, what could be the reason for this?

Please check the control panel fault log for any indications of the detector which has triggered the alarm. There are several causes of false alarms.

Consider the location and environment of the sensors, for example ensuring that the PIR’s are not located above a radiator or any other sources of heat. Always ensure the devices are firmly mounted and that the tamper springs are firmly engaged in place.

It is preferable to screw mount the door magnetic contacts, rather than simply using the sticky pads.

I wish to expand my existing Yale alarm. How many detectors can I use in total, where can I purchase additional accessories from?

Yale alarm Standard SR-1200e systems will accommodate a maximum of 20 devices, not including siren as these do not use up ‘slots’.

Instead Yale SR-2100i and SR-3200i can be extend up to 40 devices.

How often will I have to change the batteries in my alarm system?

Batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years. Each detector, siren, control panel will inform you when this is required.

Are all Yale alarms completely wire-free?

All of the detectors are completely wire-free, there are no mains wiring required to install your system. The control panel-based alarms, however, connect to the mains power supply via the DC transformer lead provided in the kit.

I have moved into a new property. I do not have the PIN code to use the alarm, how can I get hold of the code?

Reset procedures are available from the Yale website. Please download the relevant instructions for your system to bring the PIN back to the factory default code or with new App Yale Smart Living Home you can delete or change the PIN code and you can add other PIN codes up to 10.

Can I test my new alarm without irritating the neighbours?

The control-panel based system has a useful ‘walk test’ feature. This allows radio range testing of the various devices, without having to audibly test your alarm so as not to cause nuisance to your neighbours.

Yale Home App

What happens if I accidentally press the alarm trigger on the dashboard?

If you let go before the 5 second countdown finishes the alarm will not be triggered.

How do I stop the alarm after I trigger it from the dashboard?
You can stop the alarm by disarming it using the app, a keypad, or a key fob.
How do I turn off warning ‘beeps’ from my smart hub?
In the app go to Settings-Alarm Settings-System Settings-General Configuration. Turn off Hub Warning Sounds and press Save.
What phones are compatible with the Yale Home app?
The latest Yale Home app is compatible with phones running Android 6.0*, iOS 10 and newer devices. Due to our continuous programme of development, the company reserves the right to make alterations to these requirements without notice.If you have a phone running a version of Android from 4.2 to 5.1.1 an older version of the app is available that will be supported until 31st December 2020.

Pet Friendly PiR's

My Pet PIR is showing tamper errors on the control panel, what can I do?

Please take care when mounting the sensor due to the in-built’ Tilt Tamper’ mechanism. The tamper spring also needs to be carefully seated.


I have a Yale Pet PIR, however why is my cat sometimes triggering the alarm when set?

Please note limitations when using the pet-friendly PIR’s. The higher the sensor is mounted, the larger the pet immune range. Do not aim the sensors directly toward stairs or furniture where the pet can climb on and enter the detection area.


How long will the siren sound for when the alarm is triggered?

The siren will sound when triggered for a pre-selected time of 4 or 10 minutes. The system will automatically be re-armed again after this time period has elapsed.


I have a Control-panel based alarm, but I cannot disable the siren tamper. Why is this?

Your siren may not be programmed in correctly. Ensure that the siren ‘beeps’ when transmitting a ‘tamper-off’ signal from the panel. If the problem persists, try re-‘learning’ in your siren unit, ensuring that the master/slave switch ‘4’ is set to ‘off’ and that you hear a confirmation ‘beep’ during transmission of the ‘learn siren’ signal from the control panel.

I am installing my Yale Siren-based alarm, but I cannot disable the siren tamper. Why is this?

Your keypad may not be programmed in correctly to the siren. Ensure that the keypad program mode green LED is flashing when transmitting a tamper-off signal and the confirmation ‘beep’ is heard.

If the problem persists, try re-‘learning’ your keypad, ensuring that the siren master/slave switch ‘4’ is set to ‘on’ and that you are in the keypad programming mode.

Why does my siren not program in?


Try clearing the siren memory by moving the’ clear’ switch 1, then repeating the ‘learning’ process.

My alarm regularly sounds during the night, but there are no messages shown on the control panel. What is the reason for this?


This problem is usually caused by poor positioning of the external siren and will be exacerbated during bad weather, for example during periods of high winds and storms. Please place suitable waterproof packaging behind the tamper lever, also ensuring the siren cover is firmly screwed in to place.

If the problem persists it is also recommended to disable the radio interference detection.

How and when will I need to change the batteries in the siren?


Siren batteries should be refreshed every 2-3 years. The unit will’ beep’ five times when arming the system to inform you that the battery power is too low. It is required to disable the siren tamper when swapping out batteries. Further details are to be found in the manual.

How is the external siren powered?


The siren uses standard, non-rechargeable, D-type alkaline batteries. It is not solar powered.


Can I use more than one external siren on my Control-panel alarm?

It is possible to have several sirens, yes. However, only one unit can be programmed with a Siren-based alarm.

Control Panel and Keypad

I am installing a new Control-panel based alarm, why do I keep getting detector tamper alarms?

You must ensure that you are in the programming mode when mounting your detectors on the wall, otherwise the sensitive detector tamper springs will trigger the alarm even when in the ‘Alarm Off’ state.

My keypad light is constantly flashing green and I can’t use my alarm, what should I do?

You are currently in the keypad programming mode. Press the ‘disarming’ button twice to exit this mode to allow normal arming operation of your alarm.

My Keypad will not disarm the system. It arms correctly, I hear the single siren confirmation ‘beep’, but why will it not disarm to give two ‘beeps’?

Please check your keypad PIN has been correctly set, it may still be stuck at the factory preset code. Try changing to your desired code again, taking care to not leave any gaps between the stages of the PIN setting process.

How will I know if the alarm is set on Smart Hub?

If the alarm is set in ‘Home’ mode, the panel display will always blinking a red led. In ‘Away’ mode, however, the ‘Alarm On’ status show in the panel a normal red led.

Do Yale Smart hub panels have built-in sirens?

Yes, in addition to the external siren unit you have the internal panel siren with 94 dB power loud.

How many telephone numbers can be stored on Smart hub to receive SMS notifications?

In the App Settings you can add others telephone numbers so you can receive a SMS when there is a burglar

Why does my Smart Hub ‘beep’ every 30 seconds and with the amber warning light lit?

This means there has been an alarm activation or there is a fault is in the system. Please fully arm the system, then disarm. If fault light is still on please go into the app and check if there are any faults with any of the devices. 

However, you can make a restart Smart hub, all the settings are the same but the Smart hub is updated.

PiR and DC Detectors

I am having difficulty ‘learning’ in my PIR detectors, what can I do?

Wait until the red light ceases to flash, 30 seconds after insertion of the batteries, press the test button. If the problem persists, remove and reinsert the detector batteries and repeat the ‘learning’ process.

I wish to part set my Yale alarm at night. What setting must I program the upstairs detectors to?

The sensors upstairs must be programmed as ‘Home Omit’, to exclude them when in the ‘Home’ arm mode.

If you have already configured your alarm, you can edit the settings of each device in the ‘Edit Devices’ sub- menu of the programming mode.

I am planning on using window contacts on my child’s playroom downstairs. Can I program these to always trigger the alarm if a window(s) is opened?

Yes, Yale alarms have a ‘24 hour’ setting available to constantly trigger the alarm in the event such a

detector is activated. The alarm does not have to armed for the siren to be triggered by a sensor programmed as ’24 hour’, a useful application for a ground floor.

I have a magnetic contact on my front door. Whenever I enter the property, why does my alarm trigger immediately without sufficient time to get to the control panel?

The detector at the point of entry must be programmed as ‘Entry’. Please check the programming of the detector under the ‘Devices +/-‘menu, amend from ‘Burglar’ or another mode, if necessary, and retest.

I have a shed / garage, will I be able to use a detector in this location?

There will not be a problem in using a detector in this location, provided it is within the maximum 30 metre range from the control panel.

It is recommended to use a door magnetic contact in this application, however, rather than a PIR in order to prevent false alarms from insects and rodents.

I have pets at home. Is it likely they trigger my alarm, if so how can I overcome this problem?

Animals will most likely trigger standard PIR’s when the alarm is set. A special range of ‘pet friendly detectors’HSA6021 are now available from the Yale website. Alternatively, a magnetic door contact could be used in place of a PIR for this purpose.

To what height should I position my PIR’s for optimum performance?

The best height is around 2.3m above the floor, situated in the corner of the room.

Why does my magnetic window contact not trigger the alarm when I open the window?

Try moving the magnet closer to the main contact block, the gap should be no more than 8mm. Sometimes packaging may be required for uPVC doors and windows, to bring the contacts and magnets closer together.

Ensure the red LED comes on when you break the magnetic contacts.

What is the maximum movement detection range of a PIR?

The PIR’s will respond to movement of up to 15 metres away.

Should the red light flash on my PIR?

The red PIR lights will not always flash, to conserve the battery life. If you are in any doubt of the operation of a PIR, vacate the area for up to 60 seconds, and test using the ‘walk test’ facility.

Alarms Accessories

How many keypads can I program into my system?

As many as you like! However, please be aware that one keypad will use one available ‘slot’ from the 20 avail able, in the same way as any other device.

My smoke detector will not learn in to my control panel, why is this?

It is required to wait up to 12 minutes after insertion of the batteries in a Yale smoke detector. The red light will then cease to flash; you can now press the detector test button.

I am elderly and wish to install a panic device, how can do this?

It is required first to enter the system ‘learn’ mode, please refer to your manual on how to do this. Then press the red button, to ‘learn’ in the panic device, holding down until the red LED lights up.

I have a Yale standalone shed alarm, can I buy extra keyfobs?

No, the Yale shed alarms are only available with a single keyfob.

Am I right to be concerned that my neighbour has the same alarm, and would they be able to disarm my system?

No, only the devices you have ‘learned’ in would be recognised by your system. Other accessories not programmed in will not interfere with the operation of your alarm.

Alarm Server update: 7th May 2019 between 01.00 and 02.00am

Do I need to delete and download a new APP?

Use your current Yale Home App and log in as normal with your existing credentials.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Open the Yale Home App and select the “Forgot your password” at the bottom of the screen.


What do I do if my panel is showing off line?

Please remove the rubber plug on the back of the alarm hub and turn the micro switch to off, then remove the power cable from the back of the alarm hub. Wait 5 min and then reconnect the power cable and remember to turn the micro switch on.

How do I check my Core Functionality is working correctly?

All Yale Smart Alarms systems are supplied with a battery operated wireless Keypad to arm and disarm locally without requiring mains power or an internet connection. There is also a Key Fob accessory available for these systems, this works in much the same way as the Keypad.

Why is my core functionality is not working?

Delete the device from the app, to do this go to settings/alarm settings/devices then select your device from the list (KP) then swipe right to left on the phone screen.

Once deleted please follow the next steps to initialise the keypad.

For the Yale Smart Home Alarm
please follow the below:

For the Yale Smart Home Alarm
please follow the below:

1. Press Panic button A, then 0000

2. The LED will flash continuously on the Key Pad.

3. Press panic button A, followed by 7.

For the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm
please follow the below:

1. Press Panic button A, then 0000

2. The LED will flash continuously on the Key Pad.

3. Press panic button A, followed by 7.

4. Press panic button A, followed by 7.

5. Press disarm twice.

Re-add the Key Pad to the system in device settings menu in the normal learn mode way.

If you are experiencing any problems with Keypad or key Fob functionality please visit our support website where you will find the user guide and our frequently asked questions or give us a call on 051 681 2411.




Why is my alarm hub bleeping?

 The hub may bleep during the upgrade, if however the bleeping continues longer than 5 min please remove the rubber plug on the back of the alarm hub and turn the micro switch to off, then remove the power cable from the back of the alarm hub. Wait 5 min and then reconnect the power cable and remember to turn the micro switch back on.