General Questions

Where I can install Yale SCLAK?

Yale SCLAK can be installed in different environments: domestic, professional or industrial.
Some example: Building, Street Door, Residential, Armored Door, Office, Study Entrance or Coworking, Home Gate, Shops, Shutters, Hotel, B & B, Farmhouses, Private Boxes, Bar Parking Facilities, Entertainment Corner, Access to fitness centers, swimming pools.

Can I install Yale SCLAK outdoor?

Yes, Yale SCLAK is equipped with insulating sheaths that also allow installation outdoors, Yale SCLAK has an IP44 degree of protection and can support temperatures between -20°C and +60 °C.

What do I need to install Yale SCLAK?

An electric lock or an existing mechanical electrical system on which to install SCLAK and a smartphone to download the app.

What are the dimensions of Yale SCLAK?

SCLAK size is 50x50x24 mm. A square shape and non-invasive dimension that is well suited to each lock.

What is the range of the device?

The device has a maximum range of 15 mt but you can manage the distance by configuring the function in the application.

How I can give the access to my Yale SCLAK to other people?

The administrator and the owners can send the access rights to the guests who can use the app to open doors and gates.
The access can be provided in  three modes: Intercom, Only Once, Time and date.

Do I need a specific lock to make Yale SCLAK works?

SCLAK is compatible with any type of electric lock, it can be used simultaneously with all access control systems, including traditional keys. It does not require any internet connection to work.

Which Smartphones are compatible with Yale SCLAK?

Yale SCLAK works with all smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 that have iOS 8 or later, Android 4.3 or later.

How much is secure Yale SCLAK?

By using the SHA-2 method, with data transmission with authenticated certificates, SCLAK is safe and secure at all stages thanks to two-step authentication.

Did Yale SCLAK works with intercom systems?

Yes, SCLAK is perfectly compatible with systems and locks controlled by the intercom. SCLAK is installed on the same line that goes from the apartment to the door of the house.

If someone steals my phone, can he enter in my house?

If your cell phone is stolen, you just need to log in from a friend's phone and turn off the previous digital keys.

What happens if the power fails?

Yale SCLAK does not have a battery. A 12V rechargeable battery should always be installed to ensure that the lock and Yale SCLAK can operate in an emergency.

If I already have a Guest User and after a while I would like to give him access through the keyboard by creating a PIN, did I have to use another key?

In the invitation details, switch to the keyboard and you will see a pin that you will communicate to him. Remember to do the "update".

Can i use ENTR™ with Yale SCLAK?

Yes, you can use ENTR™ with the Yale SCLAK App by purchasing a SCLAK Bridge that allow connection between the two devices.

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